Incorporated in Singapore since 1979, CHESO Machinery Pte Ltd has started its operations as an engineering company. With sound judgement from the top management, CHESO progressively diversifies into the Plastic Injection Moulding Industry.

Today, the company is highly regarded in the Plastic Industry with its specialised range of new and reconditioned plastic injection moulding machines. To serve its customers efficiently, it has a ready stock of more than 200 reconditioned machines. Incidental to its main business, CHESO also supplies ancillary equipment, accessories and spare parts. Such products further enhance the productivity and precision of manufacturing plastic components. The vast product line increases customer confidence, reflecting CHESO’s versatility and proficiency.

With the rapid growth in global plastic consumption, CHESO has grown to be the largest reconditioned machine and accessory vendor in Asia, excluding Japan. The company’s expertise is highlighted internationally, with a major market share of the South-East Asia region in distributing the reconditioned machines. Each year, 500 such machines are exported and sold. In year of 2014, the sales turnover exceeded S$26 million, chalking up impressive growth through the years. Such a rapid expansion is a testimony to CHESO’s competence.


To be effectively successful, CHESO believes that the quality, technology and service aspects must be consistently fulfilled. Ultimately, it wants to be remembered as the company with a heart of gold.

Mr. Chin Fook Lai

Founder & Managing Director

The enthusiastic sales and marketing team studies the customer needs substantially before advising them on the best solutions available. This way, CHESO reinforces the corporate image of a company that cares, listens and responds.

CHESO continues to seek opportunities to invest in new regions with promising market conditions. It plans to expand the overseas network by setting up sales and Service offices. Additionally, an expansion of the product line to include other plastic related machine, is in the pipeline.

CHESO’s technical support team has more than 20 years of experience. As such, it is equipped with specialised expertise and reliable assistance. In addition, the sales team is capable of recommending the most suitable machines and accessories. With continuous service improvements, CHESO enjoys a lasting relationship with its customers.

Over the years, the company places great emphasis on customer satisfaction. This is achieved by providing efficient service from the initial planning stage of each project, to its implementation. CHESO sees the importance that reliable after-sale service adds value to customer satisfaction.

CHESO’s sales and support offices in the South-East Asia region provide the capacity to meet the increasing demand. The extensive network includes Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. At each sales base, the same dedicated technical support and quality service are offered. With the international support, CHESO’s customer base is enlarged successfully.

Cheso Machinery Pte Ltd

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